Aldi ‘lowers brassica specs’ as heatwave continues

Aldi is dropping the weight of its pre-pack broccoli to support growers through the ongoing heatwave, it has been revealed.

The discounter is lowering the size of its pre-pack broccoli from 360g to 335g per head, while holding prices, an industry source said.

Other retailers are reported to be “sitting on the fence” about whether to take similar action on brassicas as the current drought conditions limit the size and other specifications of the crop.

Growers are asking their respective retail customers to drop the weight of pre-pack broccoli heads to 280g, the source reported, to help them manage their reduced volumes.

“Aldi is leading the way in the first step of support for British brassica growers,” the industry insider said.

Responding to warnings of serious shortages in a range of crops – most notably brassicas, onions, carrots, potatoes, peas, lettuce and a range of salad vegetables – Aldi, Morrisons and Tesco are reported to be reviewing the specifications for the produce they buy from growers.

Morrisons has relaxed its specifications on lettuce, cucumber, celery, herbs and peppers, while Tesco said it had made allowances on the size and appearance of several crops, including Cornish early potatoes, strawberries, apricots and iceberg lettuce.

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